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Certification Testing
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Certification Testing
State of the Art Digital Pressure Transducer with Silicon-On- Sapphire Sensor Technology
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Safety Valve Certification
  • Sammy's Air has the capability to inspect, repair, test & recertify HPI (High Pressure Iron) & TH (Transfer Hoses) the terms SA uses. HPI is also known as Flow Control Equipment, Flow Control Iron, Flow Line Equipment, Flow Line Iron, Stimulation Equipment, Stimulation Iron, or Frac Iron.
  • All products serviced by Sammy's Air meet, or exceed Customer, OEM and/or Industry Standards /Specifications.
  • Processes performed by Sammy's Air (as a third party), are to ensure that a customer's equipment is free of flaws, damages, defects, or excessive wear that would render the equipment out of conformance and unsafe for use under high pressures and/or it's intended application.
  • Sammy's Air's Mobile Test Trailer & Portable Power Packs provide on location recertification testing of your clean equipment at your location to minimize down time and return your High Pressure Iron into service as quick as possible.
  • All High-Pressure Iron (HPI) that fails any of the inspection processes will be documented, marked appropriately and disposed of per customer guidance. SA can offer permanent deformation of failed HPI and disposal at no additional expense to customer. If failed HPI is to be returned to customer, all existing ID/Certification Bands will be removed (Cut-off) and returned separately to further ensure the iron doesn't mistakenly get returned to service.
  • These continually managed services will increase the life of your equipment & maximize the return on your original investment.
  • State of the art digital pressure transducer used to generate Test Report Certificates.